Bring Specialty Medicine to your clinic

Integrate specialty expertise with your practice for more efficient, cost effective care

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The World of Veterinary Knowledge at
your Fingertips

Get case help, second opinions, and general advice from leaders in each specialty field by connecting with hundreds of board-certified specialists

A Win-Win-Win

With VSOD, the process of collaborative care is
improved for everyone involved

Ultimate Support
for Veterinarians

  • Immediate or scheduled collaboration with a specialist
  • Rapid resolution of both simple questions and complex cases
  • Obtain advanced, 1-on-1 continuing education with each case

Optimal outcomes
for the Patient

  • More choices for treatment when cost, travel, or long
    wait times limit options care
  • Reduce stress from multiple vet visits
  • Solve cases in-house and avoid unnecessary referrals

Valuable to the Pet Owner

  • Gain options for what treatments to choose from
  • Access specialty care, even when cost or travel are barriers
  • Save hours of drive time and thousands of dollars from unnecessary specialist visits
  • Get answers faster

Profitable for the Clinic

  • Low fees allow for unrestricted usage
  • Bill for a profitable service add-on without adding any equipment or staff expenses
  • Differentiate your clinic from your competitors with a valuable offering that customers love
  • Increase employee morale by easing overwhelmed staff
  • Accelerate staff skillsets and confidence with on-demand support from specialty leaders

how it works

With VSOD, veterinarians can quickly connect to a specialist
through any desktop or mobile device

  • Step 1

    Choose an area of specialty

  • Step 2

    Add a brief summary of the case details, what you need help with, and upload any images, lab results, or images for a specialist to review

  • Step 3

    Submit your case on-demand to connect with a live specialists or choose up to 5 time slots when you can connect for a scheduled consult

  • Step 4

    Discuss the case with the specialists matched to your case through chat, video conference, or audio. Use your phone's camera for real-time presentation of symptoms

  • Step 5

    A consult fee is charged to the clinic only when a case is completed.


Support Your People

We're not just failing pets, we're failing Vets

Vets are burnt out and overwhelmed. The number of pets is growing faster than our profession can accommodate. Give them the support they need with VSOD

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